Sunday, August 14, 2011

Today's best comic strip

Dilbert is usually very good, but this is a strip which will resonate with a great many of us who spend a lot of time in cubicles. It of course speaks to the soullessness of the bureaucracy.

Unfortunately, bureaucracy is the only form of rational organization that can manage more than about 200 people or operate over wide areas (railroads, large retailers, utilities, etc.) and can also adapt rapidly and rationally to changing environments (Markets, competitors, etc.) The other two forms of organization are the traditional organization and the charismatic one responding to a charismatic leader. Neither alternative is rational and neither can adapt well to unexpected events. Neither can relatively efficiently operate a railroad or other large organization.

Of the three forms of organization - traditional, charismatic and bureaucratic, only one is rational and is planned, organized and operated on the basis of science. Thus, control groups.

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