Monday, March 07, 2011

The Republicans are acting to suppress every anti-Republican voter in America

Since January the Republicans across the nation have been working to destroy Democratic Party institutions and to suppress the vote of anyone likely to vote Democratic. Digby has taken note and writes about it.
"I'm sure by now that everyone has noticed that since taking power across the country in November, the Republicans have concentrated on one specific thing, nearly across the board: defunding and dismantling any institutional support for Democrats from systematically attacking voting rights to specific constituencies to their most essential organizing institutions. This isn't Tea Party politics or social conservatism or even a direct result of plutocratic economics although they will all certainly benefit. This is a hard core partisan attack on the organizing and funding functions of the left.

They've never been shy about trying to do this before. Certainly vote suppression is a very old right wing tactic. But they seem to have taken all this to the next level in the last couple of years. The question is whether or not they launch a coordinated attack on every constituency but their own base and expect to continue to win elections. It looks like we're going to fund out."
It's been two months since the politicians elected last November took office, and I have never seen as much effort to suppress opposition vote. I did grow up in Texas and slowly grew aware of the many, many tricks used by Texas and Southern politicians to repress the African-American vote, but I have never seen anything like what is going on now. The effort by Scott Walker in Madison Wisconsin only highlights the issue.

There will be a backlash. Mark my words. There will be a backlash. And very properly so.

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