Thursday, December 23, 2010

"Birther" Doc convicted, dismissed and given 6 months prison

It has been really difficult to understand what was going through Army Lt. Col. and Doctor Terrence Lakin's mind when he refused orders to deploy to Afghanistan until President Obama proved to his satisfaction that Obama was American-born. Now, after he has been convicted of disobeying orders and missing a deployment, he tearfully explains:
As part of their sentencing evidence, prosecutors played Lakin’s video for the jury. In it, he states that a president who is not a natural-born citizen “would subvert law and truth” and demands that Obama “release your original, signed birth certificate -- if you have one.”

During an hour of unsworn testimony, Lakin called that video an embarrassing mistake, brought on by pressure and poor advice from supposed supporters.

“I would not do this again,” he said. “It was a confusing time for me, and I was very emotional. I thought I was choosing the right path, and I did not.”
He really got some bad advice from some people who wanted to use him to attack Barack Obama. The attack failed, and those people are now gone. They used doctor Lakin and abandoned him.

Just politics. And doctor Lakin is now kicked out of the Army without his pension and with a record of a felony conviction.

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