Sunday, October 10, 2010

This is the American Republican Party at work

America is under attack by an internal enemy as great as the slave-supporting antebellum South. The enemy is the conservative-run Republican Party. How bad are they?

Six decades ago America fought and defeated a great external enemy, the German Nazi empire. The Nazi Party had fielded it's own Party army, the Waffen SS. This is an organization that committed major war crimes intended to destroy those the party declared its enemies. This year in America the Republican Congressional leadership has been running a man for Congress from the Ohio 9th Congressional District, Rich Iott, who celebrates the exploits of the Nazi Waffen SS.

It should be recalled that after WW II the German SS was declared a criminal organization. That means that anyone who was a member of that organization was declared a criminal. The evidence of their crime was membership in the SS. That precedent should be applied to the conservative Republican Party. Anyone who is a member should automatically be declared a criminal and a threat to America. They are directly involved in a conspiracy to destroy or take over America.

Does the evidence from one Republican Congressional candidate apply to the entire Republican party? He was actively recruited and strongly supported by the Republican Congressional leadership. On a broader front, though, consider how the party itself is attacking America directly. This is from Steven Benen at Washington Monthly:
Every measure that's come up over the last 21 months that could help create jobs has been fought, watered down, and sometimes killed by Republicans ... who in turn believe the weak job landscape, which they created in the first place, is Democrats' fault. And Americans, feeling pain and anxiety, actually seem inclined to believe them.
The Republican Party and its financiers on Wall Street created the current Great Recession which, had Bush's Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson not panicked and instituted a recovery plan at the last minute, nearly threw the world into the Second Great Depression. The threatened Great Depression would have been at least as bad as that of the 1930's. As it is the Great Recession we did get is the worst since the 1930's.

And what has the Republican Party done to help America recover from the economic depredations of the Bush administration? They have actively fought every effort to reduce the damage of the economic conditions and have tried to intensify them. The purpose of their destructive efforts is to induce the voters to vote them back into office where they can continue to steal from government the way Jack Abramoff and his buddies did.

The modern Republican Party has become a criminal enterprise which dwarfs the Mafia in both scope and the damage it has caused. When do Americans deal properly with the criminal threat which is the modern Republican Party?

Addendum 12:19pm CDT
Here is further history of the American right wingers and their love of Nazism: GOP house candidate was Nazi re-enactor before the whole "liberal fascism" makeover thing by Paul Rosenberg at Open Left.

Wait for the screaming from the right wingers as they object to being exposed for the fascists they are. 5..4..3..2....

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