Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Repubs are weak so the angry anarchists - populists are going after them.

Wonder why the teabaggers are going after the Republicans and not the Democrats right now? It's simple. The Repubs are a discredited party coming off a massive series of losses since 2006. The election of 2008 so completely flummoxed them that they could not agree on an acceptable candidate for President so their nomination devolved to McCain, who was and is hated by the Christian right which provides half their votes. After the debacle of 2008 they had so little to run on in 2010 that they famously put up a website asking for suggestions.

But the economy has changed the political calculus this year. Wall Street and the Republicans in partnership gave us the Great Recession, and the low-balled unemployment statistics sit at 9.5%. Foreclosures remain at record levels. So two years ago the voters voted for Hope and elected Barack Obama as President. And what's happened?

Nothing. Nada. Jackshit. the Democrats have Congress and the Presidency and they haven't done anything significant. In fact, the largest trend in the White House is to continue to Bush policies. Have they quit torture and rendition, or have they just quit announcing them?

So look at the Teabaggers. Essentially they are anarchists who refuse to assign a leadership. Their economics is largely the discredited Austrian school Libertarianism. Remembering the failure of the Ross Perot third Party movement, they looked at the two major parties and saw the Democrats in control of the two political branches and they saw the hapless Republicans who could not even decide on what platform to run on this year. So they are going after the Republicans in the primaries with a surprising level of success. So where will they go after this November's election?

The Democrats are not immune to the disaffection the teabaggers display. But they are also not a discredited minority party coming off of a Presidential election in which they were totally discredited as a party the way the Republicans currently are, either. The Republican Party leadership want to keep their jobs, so they are absolutely desperate to find issues they can compete for power on. Without the teabaggers and conservative big business domination of the media this would not be much of an election.

The Dems, however, gained national power in 2008 and so the leadership feels they are in the catbird seat. But I for one think they are as out of touch as the Republicans are. Right now the Dems are not weak enough to attack so that the teabaggers are focusing on the Republicans which is the party in disarray.

The Dems have way too many "leaders" like Rham Emmanuel who know that they are god's gift to the party and to the nation and refuse to accept questioning. They know how elections and politics really work and the Progressives are just fringe piss-ants who need to go away. They know best. Obama fits in the crowd, I think.

This is just the election where the Republicans are so weak they are facing the populists. The turn for the Dems is coming.

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