Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Cats are the dominant species on Earth

My small gray tabbie cat just woke up on top of my monitor, stood up, stretched her cat-stretch, then hopped down next to the keyboard and strutted into my lap demanding her clearly due (in her mind) head scratch.

Within mere seconds (as I provided the demanded head scratch and got my payment in purr), my jealous part-sheltie was over next to me poking my leg with her cold nose demanding HER head scratch.

Cadged for head scratches, and herded by a sheltie. I'm not sure that I'm getting the respect my position as dominant animal in the house and provider of all food deserves.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

OPEC Moving to Avoid Dollar Exposure

The Financial Times reports that OPEC nations are moving investments out of dollars towards EUROS. They want to avoid losses as the dollar drops in value. Also, they are concerned that a provision of the Patriot Act allows the US to Freeze foreign assets of banks that are conducting business with suspected terrorists, and fear that their assets will get caught in such sweeps.

It looks like the OPEC nations are beginning to take the Bush administration at its word when they say the US should go it alone and doesn't need allies.